Decarbonizing the Global Economy

The decarbonization of the global economy is the quintessential crisis of the 21st century. Renewables, like wind and solar, cannot accomplish the monumental task of managing greenhouse gases alone. Ask yourself – What happens to my waste? In today’s consumer society, most waste is found in landfills or elsewhere polluting our environment; very little is repurposed for energy, and even less is recycled. For our future to be green, we must use more renewables resources, but we also must find an economically viable solution to our waste. The Thermolyzer technology is a solution that meets both objectives.

The Thermolyzer technology is:

  • a patented, multi-reactor, oxygen-free, non-incineration, process
  • converts all hydrocarbon materials into a clean fuel gas to make electricity and clean byproducts
  • focused on reducing the need for non-renewable (coal/natural gas/oil) energy sources
  • capable of processing any waste stream
  • designed to recovering valuable byproducts
  • a significant reduction in carbon dioxide emissions

Our tests through our 7 tpd pilot plant have provided sufficient evidence that the Thermoylzer technology is carbon negative when compared to operating natural gas plants.