What Makes Us Special

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The Thermolyzer Has Glowing Reviews Across Industries

Because this technology has cross-cutting potential for recycling and energy capture across myriad economic sectors and material systems, ACMA encourages further research and deployment by both the public and private sectors.

President & CEO ACMA

Pennoni is currently developing several projects where the CHZ Thermolyzer™ Technology system is the primary sustainable energy solution. As such, we recommend that anyone considering waste-to-energy strategies start and end their search with CHZ Thermolyzer™ Technology.

Director Energy Services & Business Development Pennoni

The Thermolyzer™ technology will change the way electronic waste is recycled in the United States and around the world. It will allow the United States to compete in the end-of- life electronics recycling industry and stop the exports of electronic scrap to countries with less concern for environmental impact.

President & CEO IRT

Awards and Recognition

CHZ Technology’s Thermolyzer was the recipient of two R&D 100 awards in 2018: The 100 most technologically significant new products of the year, and the R&D 100 special recognition for green technology.

The Team

Our small team of experts has over 200 years of combined experience in the waste and energy sectors.

Chuck T. Ludwig
Co-Managing Director

Experienced Fortune 500 and entrepreneurial executive with a uniquely successful record from managing larger corporate technology-based businesses to smaller tech start-ups and turnaround initiatives. Background encompasses executive level positions with Fortune 500 General Electric (GE), Alpha/Owens Corning and Great Lakes Chemical Corp., as well the leadership role with start-up, turnaround and small technology based firms.

Henry W. Brandhorst, Jr. –
Co-Managing Director

Dr. Brandhorst has over 50 years’ experience in development of power technologies for space and terrestrial applications and transferring them to commercial use with many industrial partners. Background encompassing supporting early development and installation of solar power systems around the world to directing NASA’s Center for Space Exploration Power Systems.

Ullrich H. Engel – Chief Engineer

Subject matter expert in the field of gasification for more than 25 years, focusing on thermolytic gasification as an efficient way to convert biomass and hydrocarbon waste streams into a substitute gas for Natural Gas, clean power and/or liquid transportation fuels. Ullrich developed his own pilot plant for tire gasification in 1998. He was introduced to the new, evolutionary concept in pyrolytic gasification from KUG GMBH and joined CHZ Technologies, LLC to license and build the Thermolyzer™ technology for North America and elsewhere.

Ernest J. Zavoral, Sr – President and CEO

Waste Management Executive with 33 years’ experience in building companies, changing cultures and motivating people. With a career beginning as a surface coal miner and advancing to a corporate executive, areas of specialization include: multiple mine management; advanced knowledge of technology and engineering; long range planning; financial, budgeting and strategic planning; human resource and benefits compliance; environmental safety; team building and performance evaluation plans.