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Thermolyzer is a non-incineration technology that recycles all hydrocarbon waste materials into a clean, renewable natural gas and solid byproducts that are free from contamination. Attributes that no other technology achieves. The Thermolyzer system operates continuously using the “recoverable embodied energy” in the waste materials. Once started, no additional energy is needed to operate the unit. The waste material is recycled into a clean renewable natural gas that can be used to heat steam boilers, gas-fired electric turbines, or internal combustion engines. The energy content of the natural gas is dependent upon the unique characteristics of each waste material. Likewise, the type and volume of recycled byproducts are also dependent upon the waste material input. Byproducts can include carbon black and steel from tires to biochar from wood and plastics. These byproducts can be resold for additional revenue.

Many hazardous or otherwise nonrecyclable materials can be processed as a source of clean green energy: electronic waste, tires, all types of plastics, railroad ties, auto shredder residue, composites and wind turbine blades, carpet, and more. Even the plastic littering our oceans and waterways is a viable feedstock for this groundbreaking technology.

The Thermolyzer design is flexible. The modular design comes in a variety of sizes and can be upgraded for more feedstock or modified to accommodate different feedstocks efficiently.

Electronic Waste
Auto Shredder Residue
Railroad Ties

Saleable Byproducts

The Thermolyzer not only provides clean energy and reduces waste, the technology also produces a variety of potential saleable byproducts.

Example of Carbon Black and Carbon Steel Recovered from Waste Tires

A Thermolyzer that processes waste tires will not only create energy and decarbonize tire waste, it also creates saleable byproducts in the form of carbon steel and carbon black. Even more impressive is the cultivation of precious and rare earth metals from electronic waste.

A 22 ton per day ewaste plant would produce millions of dollars in gold and silver, while saving over a billion tons of CO2. There is no better solution to the worldwide electronic waste crisis.

How It Works

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Independent Validations of Thermolyzer Technology